Yahoo to follow Google’s lead and encrypt data center traffic in FY 2014

Yahoo to follow Google’s lead and encrypt data center traffic in FY 2014

As a follow on to our article NSA has access to all of Google and Yahoo data (including all of yours), this week Yahoo announced it will begin encrypting data between its data centers in Q1 of 2014. This follows Google's move last month with their announcement they will be encrypting all their data between data centers.

What does this mean to us and how does it affect our Google and Yahoo services? The short answer is - we won't notice anything different. The encryption Yahoo and Google are implementing is for data they transport between their data centers - for bulk moving your information. When we access information from google or yahoo - our browser is already using encryption (the same stuff used to secure your credit card, bank account access, etc - while online).

Here's why the data center encryption is significant:

Data on Google Docs, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc is all kept inside multiple data centers - this prevents issues at one datacenter from having access to mail, documents, storage and other services. When the data is replicated between the datacenters - historically it has not been encrypted. This transfer has been a possible "listening connection point" for the NSA and other governmental agencies to have access to your protected data. By now encrypting the data before it leaves the datacenter on the way to another datacenter, it will be much harder to crack - scientists estimate today's encryption would require 6.4 quadrillion years to crack (or 500,000 times older than the universe - see the math)

So what are you thoughts around all of the NSA data gathering?