Network Monitoring and Equipment Replacement for The Polk Group

The Polk Group is a Certified Public Accounting firm, located in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm has 6 employees who work from the office as well as remotely. As an accounting firm that prides itself on its ability to quickly serve clients while meeting client goals, Polk assessed it’s computer equipment and realized that new solutions were needed if they wanted to continue to deliver the type of service that both the firm and it’s clientele expected.

“We chose A&J Computers Inc. because of their high level of technical competency, coupled with excellent service. At the end of the day, they were the firm that could explain solutions to our needs in a way we could understand.” Nick Craven, CPA


By upgrading computers, software, server, installing secure remote access coupled with our Managed Service Package, The Polk Group was able to achieve the following:

  • Eliminated the need to distract one of the accountants with IT helpdesk calls, equipment troubleshooting and server maintenance
  • Increased CPA’s ability to spend more time at the client’s office, rather than having to do all of the work at the Polk office.
  • Increased reliability; through purchasing new laptops, server and software, Polk’s staff had the benefit of equipment and software which streamlined IT support and provided current technology.
  • Increased security; Polk accountants could now easily work in the office and from remote locations knowing that all of their files and client information was not at risk.
  • Decreased support costs; with the addition of new hardware and software, Polk was able to smoothly run its business without incurring large IT bills for numerous support issues.


Due to the sensitive nature of the files used to serve their clientele, a highly secure environment had to be designed that would allow in-office and remote access. Polk was using older equipment, including their server. In order to provide secure remote access to their accountancy staff, a new server and laptops would have to be deployed as well as newer methodology for remote connectivity. Polk had an existing VoIP system that they were not going to replace. This had to be included in the solution design; the existing phone system had to work with the new server and all had to be seamlessly integrated with little or no downtime


After fully understanding Polk’s requirements, A&J Computers Inc. designed a solution that would satisfy Polk’s requirement for accountants to work remotely, while maintaining the integrity and security of all files on laptops and the server. Combining our relationships with Dell, Microsoft, Cisco and NCP, A&J Computers, Inc. purchased laptops for each accountant, upgraded all company computers to Windows 7, Office 2010 and Windows Server 2008 R2. In order to setup secure remote access, A&J Computers Inc. configured and installed Cisco Security device along with VPN client software.