Phone System Replacement at Piedmont Regional Library System

After extensively researching new phone systems available, Piedmont Regional Library System (PRLS) chose TalkSwitch. They quickly realized the system’s vast feature options including easier administration and long-term maintainability which was not previously available with the old legacy system. After turning to TalkSwitch (now FortiVoice) directly for a local vendor who managed installation processes, education and training of the system, PRLS teamed up with A&J Computers Inc., an IT technology service leader in NW Georgia for over 20 years. A&J Computers Inc’s depth of knowledge of the system and willingness to provide support up front even before they were awarded the contract spoke volumes to PRLS. “A&J Computers displayed the most confidence with the system, having worked with it on a regular basis,” comments George. “They were authoritative and knowledgeable about both the system and installation and were able to suggest features that I had not been previously aware of.”