Office Relocation and Technology Move Services

The technology move component of an office relocation project requires intense planning and coordinated action. Network infrastructure and peripherals must be taken down, reinstalled, and connected to newly activated circuits with minimum interruption of business processes. This process also provides an opportunity for an organization to consider the benefits of new solutions over reintegrating existing voice, data, and video technologies.

For more than 20 years, hundreds of businesses have relied on us for the expertise to manage their technology relocations from end to end, including:

  • Voice and Data circuit provisioning and project management
  • Cable infrastructure planning and installation
  • Deinstallation, reinstallation, and testing of servers, routers, switches, and network peripherals
  • After hours and weekend support
  • Strategic planning for new technology integration
  • First day of business support to ensure a seamless transition

Let our experts worry about everything. Below are just some of the areas we can unburden you from having to worry about


Local Area Networks

  • Assess current network infrastructure
  • Establish a reference list of re-useable equipment
  • Interview relevant businesses groups
  • Review Technology Standards, Policies and Practices
  • Develop LAN design - Propose a cabling architectural plan
  • Produce a LAN design and plan for tendering the LAN equipment
  • Determine LAN budgets
  • Prepare, Issue and Review tenders and provide recommendations

Wide Area Network

  • Assess current network architecture and application
  • Establish a list of equipment to be used in the new building
  • Interview reverent business groups
  • Review Standards, Policies, Practices and emerging technologies
  • Develop a WAN architectural plan
  • Liaise with carriers and service providers
  • Define and develop cabling plan
  • Determine and produce WAN budgets
  • Prepare, Issue and Review recommendations

Voice Systems

  • Assess current infrastructure
  • Conduct interviews/surveys
  • Develop a voice network plan and specifications
  • Determine and produce Voice System budgets
  • Assess tenders and provide recommendations
  • Prepare, Issue and Review recommendations

Data Center & Telecommunications Room Design

  • Conduct audit of existing useable equipment
  • Define an equipment layout and cabling floor plan
  • Produce tender document
  • Review tenders and provide recommendations
  • Design and develop Continuity of Business (COB)

Continuity of Business Network Plan

  • Develop a Continuity of Business (COB) Plan
  • Determine possible component failures and identify restorative actions
  • Co-ordinate designs of all systems to ensure connectivity
  • Produce technology delivery project schedule for the Construction programming


Our relocation process addresses the following tasks with respect to the construction of a relocation project.

  • Develop project schedule and plan
  • Manage the purchase, delivery, integration, installation and configuration of equipment
  • LAN and Voice interconnections finalized
  • Define labeling standards for the new building
  • Build and administer patching database
  • Establish and manage inventory tracking system
  • Establish and manage Change Management system
  • Establish and manage project budgets
  • Establish and build a database of equipment for the new building
  • Establish Acceptance Test Plan
  • Initiate/attend project meetings
  • Conduct quality audits

Migration / Relocation Phase

We address the following areas during the Migration/Relocation phase of the project.

  • Develop a migration and relocation plan
  • Finalization of existing facilities to be relocated, in-conjunction with the new building seating plan
  • Develop a relocation contingency plan
  • Finalize agreed telephone-numbering plan
  • Establish a Relocation Help Desk
  • Resource, manage, supervise and co-ordinate relocation of systems
  • Conduct Acceptance Testing of new and relocated systems
  • Commission new and relocated systems; and o Provide 'as built' hand documentation

Combining our strengths in Technology Infrastructure Design and Project Management we develop a Technology Relocation plan to address the overall Technology requirements which will be affected by the move. We provide an analysis of the following areas to ensure that the technology is ready for the relocation as part of the process.

  • Technology and Infrastructure visioning, strategic planning and budgeting
  • Cabling systems, technology equipment rooms, and cable routing design
  • Infrastructure inventory and needs assessment
  • Vendor Selection and Implementation management services
  • Facilities Planning and Room & Pathway Designs & Layouts
  • Design of telecom entrance facilities and technology closets
  • Technical, functional, and physical specifications
  • Development of the Technology budget
  • Bid specifications and drawings for cabling systems
  • Management of bid processes for IT services and systems
  • Develop and manage and maintain a detailed Project Plan
  • Provide user reports with status of recommended actions and plans
  • Construction management of IT infrastructure and systems implementation
  • Technology migration and relocation management