What services are part of your Proactive and Managed IT Service

Our team is responsible for ensuring your equipment is operating correctly, every day.  In order for us to ensure the condition, we schedule routine maintenance services in addition to our remote monitoring.  These regular checkups help us to head off any issues before they become big issues.

Repair Services

Our staff can diagnose and repair most issues and provide onsite service, an appointment is all you need for your computer check-up.

Desktop Support

Maintaining all of the desktops and laptops in an organization is a resource intensive and time consuming task and by not properly doing so can potentially expose you to hackers, viruses and bugs. By providing a constant set of software across the organization allows it to achieve licensing and support cost savings, reduce training time for new employees and allows for interoperability amongst your employees, thus reducing down-time and rework because of program incompatibilities. A&J Computers can help your organization to save money through these types of consolidations and by providing on-site and telephone support to your organization without the need to hire full-time IT staff.

Server Support

With the explosive growth in the number of servers a company needs to support, there seems to be a shortage of experienced and certified technical staff to maintain all of the intricacies of these servers. From security patches, virus scanning updates, hardware maintenance, preventative maintenance and new server construction; A&J Computers provides the staff necessary to ensure your business has the servers it needs. We can provide both remote and on-site support for the servers and proactive monitoring to help head off problems before they occur.

Equipment Maintenance

Routine maintenance can usually catch and resolve most problems before they become serious and cause system outages, causing the company lost revenue and productivity. A&J Computers provides monthly, quarterly and semi-annual maintenance cycles and offers contracts for routine maintenance as well as discounts for ad-hoc maintenance for "support" customers.

Monthly Maintenance (The server environment is the main focus)

  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Security Patch & Service Pack Installations
  • Virus Scanning Validation
  • Backup & Restore Testing
  • UPS testing
  • Network Hardware Reboot and Maintenance
  • User Security Audit
  • Server Hardware Cleaning (shutdown & opening of server)

Quarterly Maintenance (Light desktop maintenance is performed in addition to)

  • Monthly Maintenance Desktop
  • Service Packs and Security Patch installation
  • Desktop Virus Scanning Validation
  • Desktop Disk Defragmentation

Semi-Annual Maintenance (Heavy desktop maintenance is performed in addition to Quarterly Maintenance)

  • Desktop Hardware Cleaning (shutdown & opening of server)

Periodic Ad-Hoc Maintenance

  • Ad-hoc maintenance is performed based upon the needs to the company; these items can include major software upgrades and emergency maintenance requests.