a few words about us

Founded in 1989 and moved to Georgia in 2002, A&J Computers Inc. provides businesses, home users and home offices with a combination of IT services by providing a single point of contact for all of the organization’s IT needs and saving it time and money. Our clients are existing or start-up, small to mid-sized businesses that need cost effective solutions to either grow their businesses or for increased profitability.

We provide comprehensive consultation services on Information Technology issues and business essentials including: computer security, computer repair service, software support, new computing equipment, database development, network design and installation, web hosting, and more. We provide the methods and the tools to get more from your computer equipment thus helping the company gain success and increased efficiency.

our founder and ceo

Known in the industry as a knowledgeable source of hardware and software technology and application development methodologies, Joseph Vivona has dedicated his career to helping companies overcome their Information Technology issues by providing timely and accurate advice. Having previously worked for a number of companies including Exxon, Hyperion Solutions, KPI Technologies and Indus International; A&J Computers is his third start-up company with the other two having been sold to either a corporation or private equity investors. Joe is also the co-author of Microsoft Data Warehousing and a recognized expert on Database Technology, CRM, Data Warehouses, OLAP and Business Performance Management.

what we offer

Managed IT and Outsourcing

When IT issues arise – who takes care of them? If someone on your staff is your “resident” IT person – but that’s not their actual job – then your business and their job are both suffering. By partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) you can get world class monitoring, proactive maintenance, helpdesk services, managed security and much, much more.

Security Services

Cyber attacks on companies that manage critical infrastructure have surged a whopping 2,100% over the last three years – and yet IT budgets worldwide remain flat. Our security team can assess your network, identify areas for improvement and implement a continuous security plan.

Office and Technology Move Services

The technology component of a corporate relocation project requires intense planning and coordinated action. Network infrastructure and peripherals must be taken down, reinstalled, and connected to newly activated circuits with minimum interruption of business processes. This process also provides an opportunity for an organization to consider the benefits of new solutions over reintegrating existing voice, data, and video technologies.