NSA has access to all of Google and Yahoo data (including all of yours)

NSA has access to all of Google and Yahoo data (including all of yours)

According to an article posted today in by the Washington Post and The Guardian newspaper - the National Security Agency (NSA) is able to read all the data Google and Yahoo use in their data centers, this includes Google Docs, e-mail, mapping systems, storage, etc.

In this slide from a National Security Agency presentation on “Google Cloud Exploitation,” a sketch shows where the “Public Internet” meets the internal “Google Cloud” where user data resides.

In this diagram - you can see where the NSA presenters discuss how they can read the data from the Google Front-End servers - which are responsible for handling requests for information (gmail logon, etc) and then routing it to the appropriate data center. According to the doucments, the NSA is able to read the data on these site-to-site links and filter it accordingly. Becuase many of these data centers are ourside the boundaries of the US - the NSA rules allow them to intercept, decrpyt and analyze this data (ignore the right vs wrong component of this for now).

What are your thoughts on all this NSA data gathering and some of the outrage from other countries?

Here's a link to the original article in the Washington Post: http://ajci.co/1aoQJJa (links to external site: Washington Post)